What is your story? Healing Through Life Writing

                                        Thursdays, from 7:30-9:00 PM. Sessions held in the private meeting room at Manotick Library

Using the principles of narrative therapy, in this psycho-therapeutic group for adults, Maria Chiru, MA in Counselling Psychology  leads participants through a personal journey of examining their life stories.  Group members write personal and autobiographical vignettes based on an actual event that has been experienced; an incident from one’s past or current life.  Stories are shared the following week within a safe group environment.  The exercise of attending to writing stories, and then sharing, helps to develop coherent ways of thinking and expression, as one’s life story is externalized and more observable.  Through this process we can develop new awareness of self, shift to more hopeful attitudinal stances in life, clarify our choices, and consider ways to practice meaningful lives.

Who is this group suitable for: individuals who would be suitable for this group are those who have an interest in writing or those who find it easier to express themselves in writing; also, those who have some capacity for reflection on oneself and one's environment and would be comfortable and cooperative in an non-judgmental and empathetic group.

How the group works: each week (for 10 weeks in a row), I provide a different prompt and ask group members  to write a story at home, between weekly sessions. Suggested time to write 45-60 minutes. Then, in the group setting each week, some members read their stories to the group. Group members are then invited to respond to the story, describing  their own experiences of the impact of the story. If the author chooses, he/she may also respond, followed by an opportunity for group discussions.

                           Through the life writing process, we can develop  new awareness of self , shift to more hopeful                                                  attitudinal stances in life, clarify our choices and consider ways to practice meaningful lives.                  

Confidentiality: in these sessions, confidentiality is absolutely necessary and expected of all participants. An informed consent & confidentiality agreement will be available for each participant, at the intake appointment.

Intake Appointment: an intake appointment is required for interested patients, to discuss details of the group process and suitability for the group.  Clients need to contact me directly to set up an appointment, either by e-mail (info@chirucounselling.ca) or a message can be left on my office phone: 613-692-0193.

Payment:  There is a cost of $65/session, hence $650 per person for all 10 (weekly) sessions. For efficiency of group interaction, places are limited to maximum 6 members per group. Regular, punctual attendance is expected (with the exception of unavoidable emergencies, illness, etc.), as it maximizes the therapeutic usefulness of the group process.

Individual therapy: individual psychotherapy is available for anyone who might need more support. For details, please see the info posted on my website: http://www.chirucounselling.ca    

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