When Parents Separate

Group for children age 4-12

Children are affected by the ways their parents respond to the separation.  If there is ongoing conflict and hostility between parents, it makes it much more difficult for children. When this occurs, children’s well-being suffers and they are more likely to experience emotional or behavioural problems. Though distress is unavoidable when families break up, most children recover without long-term negative effects. Some children, might need more time and more support from family and professionals.

We can help children cope by reassuring and supporting them while they adjust to the separation.

How the group works:  weekly sessions (for 6 weeks in a row). 

Confidentiality: in these sessions, confidentiality is necessary and expected of all participants. You could ask your child about his or her activities within this group, but please do not ask about other children. An informed consent & confidentiality agreement will be available for each participant, at the intake appointment. 

Intake Appointment: an intake appointment is required for interested clients. 
Payment:   All Private Health Insurance Plans are accepted. This is also a tax deductible activity.

  • There is a cost of  $395 per child for all 6 (weekly) sessions. The full payment is due at the start of the group. 
  • For efficiency of group interaction, places are limited to maximum 10 members per group. 
  • Regular, punctual attendance is expected (with the exception of unavoidable emergencies, illness, etc.), as it maximizes the therapeutic usefulness of the group process. 

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us!