Career counselling or work counselling is sought when an individual needs confidential support and advice about areas of study and possible career movements, developments or changes. 

It provides an opportunity for people to discuss and discover opportunities in their career plans and work with a qualified professional who understands the difficulties of navigating a career that is rewarding and makes you feel fulfilled.

We cover the following career counselling topics 

  • Improving Self-Awareness
  • Communication Skills
  • Time Management
  • Successful Networking
  • Job Market Exploration
  • Interview & Negotiation Skills
  • Writing a Winning Resume
  • Leadership Skills
  • Dealing with Change
  • Building Resilience to Workplace Stress
  • Improving Work/Life Balances
  • Increasing Your Earning Potential
  • Conflict Management/Dealing with Difficult People

 Career & Vocational Counselling 

Providing career counselling is both science and art

It doesn’t matter if you’re just finishing high school and are contemplating university programs or if you are looking for your first job change or your forth career change, we use one-on-one consultation and psychometric assessments to find what roles would suit you best and to give you the career counselling you need to help you get there

We give you a variety of options based on our evaluation of your interests, personality, values and beliefs, aptitudes, values and strengths, to help you make informed career decisions with more confidence.  

We measure other factors as well, and then set these against the backdrop of your practical circumstances to give you the best careers advice to help you choose the career that suits you best. 

The final choice is yours. 

We offer

Individualized Services Business Services

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