Positive Parenting - Making Sense of Children's Emotions

This Positive Parenting  program aims to build confidence in parents' abilities to raise mentally healthy children. It is designed to offer as much or as little help and support as parents may want. 

You can sign up for individual, couple or larger parents' group sessions, the program could be tailored for each parent's individual needs. 

You will be learning directly or from the interaction with other parents how to successful improve your child's behaviours by developing positive attitudes, skills and behaviours within yourself. This helps prevents problems from arising, and promotes family relationships that encourage children to reach their full potential.

We offer support to parents in the following areas:

Infants- Promoting development - Sleep patterns - Separation anxiety - Crying

Toddlers-Toilet training - Tantrums - Language - Wandering - Sharing - Bedtime problems - Whining -                   Disobedience - Independent eating - Hurting others

Pre-schoolers-Disobedience 2 - Having visitors - Mealtime problems - Interrupting - Going shopping - Fighting and aggression - -Travelling in the car - Tidying up - Separation problems - Nightmares and night terrors

Primary schoolers-Bedwetting - Chores - Swearing - Self-esteem - Homework - Sport - Fears- Stealing - Creativity - Being Bullied - Behaviour at school - Lying

Teenagers-Smoking - Truancy - Sexual behaviour and dating - Fads and Fashion - Eating Habits - Rudeness and disrespect - Coping with depression - Coping with anxiety - Drinking alcohol - Taking drugs - Money and work - Friends and peer relationships

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