Build Confidence, Deal with Fears & Worries 

Learning to cope with fears and worries helps children develop confidence 

Children need support in order to learn to cope with fears, reassurance to reduce their anxious feelings, and skills for coping so that they can gradually learn to manage fears themselves.

Most children will experience fear to some degree. But some children seem to experience fears more strongly or more frequently than other children. Children with an anxious temperament may cry more easily than others, be more ‘clingy’ with parents and carers, or try to avoid doing new things so they won’t have to feel scared. They are also often more shy than average and find it hard to join in groups or talk to people they don’t know well. Children with an anxious temperament seem to experience the physical symptoms of fear more easily and more quickly than others. It is especially important for these children to learn skills to cope with fear and anxiety.

How the group works:  weekly sessions for 6 weeks in a row

Confidentiality: in these sessions, confidentiality is necessary and expected of all participants. You could ask your child about his or her activities within this group, but please do not ask about other children. An informed consent & confidentiality agreement will be available for each participant, at the intake appointment.

Intake Appointment: an intake appointment is required for interested clients. 

Payment:  There is a cost of 395 per person for all 6 (weekly) sessions. All Private Health Insurance Plans Accepted. This is also a tax deductible expense.

For efficiency of group interaction, places are limited to maximum 8 members per group. Regular, punctual attendance is expected (with the exception of unavoidable emergencies, illness, etc.), as it maximizes the therapeutic usefulness of the group process.

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