Psychometric  & Other Assessments 

  • Academic Assessments
  • Behavioural & Observational Assessments
  • Cognitive Functioning Abilities
  • Family Marital Functioning Assessments
  • File Review Opinion and Consultations
  • Intellectual Assessments
  • Learning Disabilities Assessments
  • Personality/Psycho-social Assessments 
  • Psychological Assessments
  • Psycho-Vocational Assessments
  • Vocational & Career Assessments
We also provide  assessment/investigation and reporting under s.30(1) of the Children's Law Reform Act and/or s.112(1) of the Courts of Justice Act. 

If we can’t address your specific assessment, therapy or intervention needs we would be happy to advise on alternative practitioners and clinics in the community.

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